Geneseo, New York What a Beautiful Sunset... 

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The historic village of Geneseo is still a thriving area full of large Victorian homes and a cozy Main Street occupied by a variety of locally owned shops.

Every evening the sun can be admired as it sets over the beautiful Genesee Valley, just as it was by its original inhabitants over 300 years ago.

Leading the way in Higher Education

Education is a big part of Geneseo with SUNY (State University of New York) Geneseo located in the Village. James Wadsworth was a strong advocate for public education and had a vision for a great school in Geneseo. The Wadsworth Normal School at Geneseo was chartered by the New York State Legislature in 1871 with 91 students. This was the beginning of what is now SUNY Geneseo with over 5,000 students.

While preparing the land for their agricultural industry, the Wadsworth's were amazed with its many giant oak trees. The trees can still be found today standing in the middle of the fields and farm land that they once worked themselves, due to the Wadsworth's personal preservation of them. All land agreements today contain a clause that they not be harmed.

Geneseo is also home of one of the longest running Hunts in the country and celebrates this tradition every year. The Genesee Valley Hunt was founded in 1876 for cordinated foxhunting.

The  Hunt opens each season with a parade of horses and hounds down Main St. Geneseo before continuing into the into the fields. Even though they no longer hunt fox the club members participate in hound and equestrian competitions.

The valley was first discovered and settled by the Seneca Indians who named the land jo-nis-hi-yu meaning beautiful valley.In 1790, two came from Connecticut as agents for their Uncle, Colonel Jeremiah Wadsworth, to care for and sell a large expanse of land he purchased. The two brothers; William and James Wadsworth became the founders of Geneseo and had dreams of creating an agricultural footprint on the land. The Wadsworth brothers quickly began bringing in tradesman to help provide the services required for a growing town. William built a large estate on the south end of present day Main Street. "The Homestead", as it was called still stands today behind its original cobblestone wall that welcomes every visitor to the town. On the North end of Main Street. James built his estate and family home. This home is still occupied by his descendants.

The Village of Geneseo overlooks a large valley that was created by the Genesee River. 
The local residents refer to it as Sunshine Valley with its great Summers and mild Winters.